RackGuardian: Security Compliant Rack Monitoring and Protection

RackGuardian: Security Compliant Rack Monitoring & Protection 

RackGuardian is the first and only rack monitoring system that was built to protect your rack and its data in the cyber age.  The data the that’s stored and passes through your rack has enormous value.  In fact, this data actually has more value than the servers and networking hardware in your rack.  Just how much value is there in data?  According to a Wall Street Journal research article: 84% of the market value of the S&P 500 companies is in intangible assets, much of which is data.

As you move more of your applications to the cloud, information that once stayed within your walls now travels through your server and network racks onto the Internet and into one or more cloud systems.  Data security compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, Gramm, Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) and the New York Cybersecurity Law for Financial Service Companies, take note of the transitive nature of data and emphatically require that all data be protected whether at rest or in transit.  If you are covered by one of these data security compliance standards, you need a rack monitoring system that actively protects the physical, cyber and operational security of your rack systems.

RackGuardian’s unique protection features include:

Physical Firewall for your rack hardware.  HIPAA, PCI-DSS and Gram Leach Bliley all require authorization to access sensitive data.  Simply placing a metal key next to a data rack does nothing to protect your hardware or its data.  By integrating with any standard Weigand security card system, RackGuardian allows you to secure your rack according to applicable data standards.  This includes the logging of any actual or attempted entrance to the rack.

Cyber Firewall for your rack UPS and PDU units.  As cyber criminals increase in sophistication, some of the largest cyber attacks in the last two years have used UPS and PDU units as keys to their attacks.  RackGuardian doesn’t just monitor your rack power systems, it shields them from any outside attack.  By plugging your rack power systems into the Private Network Port of RackGuardian, they are now stealth to the outside world.  This patented feature means that no other rack monitoring system can do this.

Analytic Monitoring of your rack power, environment and hardware.  Traditional rack monitoring systems will send you large numbers of nuisance alarms based on data alarm technology.  RackGuardian’s patented Alarm Analytics literally learns the normal power, environmental and hardware conditions of each individual rack device.  In doing so, it will only send you an alarm when a statistically significant event is immanent.  This means that you save the wasted time from chasing down nuisance alarms and you can rest assured that your rack is being protected with intelligence that is ISA 18.2 as well as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and Gramm Leach Bliley compliant.

Secure Cloud-Based App that is Scalable and Robust.  In the past, rack monitoring systems have required you to view your data via a local DCIM software program or via a webpage directly on the rack monitoring unit.  Your local DCIM software can only monitor a finite number of local devices and has to be continuously patched and upgraded.  Meanwhile, your rack monitoring unit must maintain open ports which others could use for a cyber attack.  AlphaGuardian Networks has built a secure cloud-based solution that is able to scale to manage virtually any number of racks in any location.  All maintenance on the cloud is done by the same software group that built the app, ensuring you of continuous ongoing uptime and support.

RackGuardian - Secure Rack Monitoring